AL3000: Alarm Annunciator

- 10 Channels Input

- LED Display

- Siren Relay Output

- First Alarm Detect

- Expandable Input Channel


            Alarm Annunciator AL3000 can control the alarm sequence of the alarm annunciator system. It can get 10 points of alarm signals and have output contact to control external alarm lamps for indicating the alarm status. If alarm is more than 10 points this module can be set to expand up to 32 units.

            In many cases one alarm is caused by another and it is difficult to fine the first one, this is the reason why AL3000 should be installing. One alarm has been initiated LED will light up and the first alarm come with the quick flash and other will be slow flash. When alarm is come up Siren relay is “on” and it turn off by click “ACK” button while Alarm LED stops flashing, LED of alarm will turn off after problem have been fix and click “RESET” button.


Input Status First Alarm Subsequence Alarm Siren
First Alarm Quick Flash OFF ON
Subsequence Alarm Quick Flash Slow Flash ON
ACK Steady - ON Steady - ON OFF
Return to Normal Steady - ON Steady - ON OFF
Test Slow Flash Slow Flash ON



Alarm Input

Number of channel:

10 Channels

Alarm Input:

Programmable NO/NC Contact

Alarm Input Delay:

Programmable 50 msec, 500 msec, 2 sec, 15 sec

Lamp Flash Frequency:

Slow Flash 0.8 Hz, Quick Flash 8 Hz

Relay Output

Number of channel:

11 Channels

Relay type:


Contact Rating:

Output: 500 mA @ 120 VAC

1 A @ 24 VDC

300 mA @ 60 VDC

Siren: 5 A @ 250 VAC

5 A @ 24 VDC

Power Requirements

Power Supply:

12 to 24 VDC ± 20 %

100 to 130 VDC ± 20 %

Power Consumption


100 mA @ 12 VDC

Operate Full:

300 mA @ 12 VDC

Environmental Limits

Operating Temperature:

0 to 55 °C

Operating Humidity:

5 to 95 %RH

Storage Temperature:

0 to 70 °C

Physical Characteristics


W144 x H144 x D43 mm.


Panel Flash Mounting


Screw Terminals


0.5 Kg


Warranty Period:

5 Year

Ordering Information: Specify Power Supply
Example AL3000/24VDC

Package Checklist

1. AL3000

2. Manual